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Using the GameChanger Team Manager (New) app
for calendar, scoring, stats, live video and more!

The GameChanger Team Manager (New) app for Smartphones is available on both the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android). You can find the respective download link at NOTE: Be sure to download the NEW (Green) app, NOT the Classic (White) app.

Adding your team(s) to the app:
1) VERY IMPORTANT: Use the same email address you use for this site to log into the app. THAT'S IT!!!
Once the roster has been posted for your team(s) - or your athlete's team(s) - the team should automagically appear in your list of teams!
If you have any trouble, please email Mike Coumerilh ([email protected])

The Calendar:
The Events tab will include ALL events (practices, games, tourneys) for ALL of the teams you belong to.
If you would rather use your own calendar app to see the schedule(s):
1) Select your team
2) Click the gear in the upper right
3) Click Schedule Sync
4) Then click Sync Schedule to Your Calendar which will offer you options for which personal app you would would like to use.
5) Repeat steps 1-4 for each team

Adding "Fans" (extended family, grandparents, etc.):
There are two ways to add family and friends so they can see the schedule and watch the live stream when it is available, Fans and Family Contacts (recommended). The main difference is that when someone is live streaming the event, there is an option to only allow "Players and Family" or "Anyone" (Fans). If the first is chosen then fans will not be able to watch the stream. Video archives and stats are available for a fee.

To add someone as a Fan:
1) Go into the team you want to add the Fan to
2) Click Team
3) Click Fans
4) Click + Invite Fans
5) Enter their email address
6) They will receive an email and will need to accept the invite

To add someone as a Family Contact (recommended):
1) Go into the team you want to add the Family Contact to
2) Click Team
3) Scroll down to your athlete/player and click their name
4) Click Contacts
5) Click + Add Family Contacts
6) Enter their email address
7) They will receive an email and will need to accept the invite

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