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  1. What’s your name? Alex Frizzell

  2. What’s your role with the Blue Knights? Cross Country: JV (2019) and Varsity Boys (2020, 2021)

  3. Number of siblings (if any): One

  4. Best ice cream EVER: Vanilla

  5. Top 3 activities/hobbies besides Blue Knights stuff: Triathlons, reading, and mathematics/physics

  6. Pets? If you don’t have pets, would you like one? What would it be? One family dog. Another pet would be something exotic

  7. Favorite season: Autumn

  8. The farthest you’ve traveled: Alton, Utah

  9. Dream car: Audi RS7 or Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

  10. Job(s) you’ve had so far: Lifeguard

  11. That movie you could watch over and over: Harry Potter

  12. That song you could play over and over: All Around The World (La La La) - R3HAB

  13. You must choose ONE FOOD to eat forever. What is it? White Sweet Potato

  14. You’ve got $1000 to spend in the next 24 hours. How will you spend it? Put it in a growing investment/asset

  15. You’ve been granted one superpower of your choice. What will you choose? Super speed, so I can get somewhere quickly

  16. You can teleport anywhere for 24 hours. Where will you go? Zürich, Switzerland

  17. What do you think you might want to do/be as an adult? Engineer

  18. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? I don’t crave eating out or having junk food; I really enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

  19. Do you have a talent? Discipline and ability to persevere through trial

  20. Top 3 benefits you’ve enjoyed from being a Blue Knight: Close friendships, great coaches, and being a part of the best team I’ve ever been on

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